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It's Cornlicious!~

went out yesterday after school~

By laughybuddha · June 30, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

well anyway yesterday after school which is around like 1pm plus. i went down to E!Hub to buy movie tickets for the movie "Twilight: Eclispe" for thursday night at 7pm timeslot de. so yeah. then after buying the tickets i went back home first then around 5pm plus i went out again to find kia wei at his house. then we continued to watch the hong kong drama. sian. haven't finish watching sia. LOL!~ wondering still got how many episodes more to go. haha. can't wait to finish them all sia. well around 10pm plus i went back home le. kia wei pei me waited for bus 8 for me to go back home. so yeah. hmm.

photos updated~

By laughybuddha · June 29, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

went out today after school~

By laughybuddha · June 28, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

anyway today after school went over to kia wei's place to find him as he got off today. so yeah. and then u took bus 8 from the temasek poly bus-stop there. so yeah. haha. and we watched the hong kong drama. LOL! was continuing from where we had stopped. so yeah. haha. then around 5pm plus went down to meet his father at the lorry and we went to bedok reservoir block 803 there the coffeeshop to makan dinner. then after dinner we droved back to his house. so ya. haha. then continued to watch the drama and then slacked till around 9pm then went back home le. so yeah. haha. hmm. well gonna upload photos to my blog. so enjoy!~  =)

Zhan Xiong's 21st Birthday Chalet & Eng Piao's Wedding~

By laughybuddha · June 27, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

well today went to two places. haha. highly packed schedule sia. LOL!~ around 1pm plus kia wei reached my house and around 2pm went out again to fetch gerry, wen wei and boon hoe and then we headed down to Aloha Loyang and to zhan xiong's 21st birthday chalet. then when we reached there already we saw zhan xiong unloading his stuffs from the lorry. so yeah. then we saw cassandra came out from this corner. LOL!  then we go to know that he haven't check in. so yeah. hmm. well we all sat at the pavilion nearby and waited for them to check in. in the meanwhile we were chatting and so on. so yeah. then when they check in, we went into the chalet also. haha. slacked over there. then halfway kia wei droved zhan xiong, me, gerry and colin out to downtown east to buy some bbq stuffs. me and kia wei was in the car waiting for them as they went to cheers to buy.


then while waiting in his car, i was camwhoring again. nothing to do and i will start to camwhore nowadays. wondering why also. LOLOLOL!!!  well when they came back to the car we headed back to zhan xiong;'s chalet again. then back at his chalet, gerry they all were starting the bbq fire for zhan xiong. then some of us were eating the curry vegetables and the bread that zhan xiong bought back from cheers. so yeah. haha. anyway around 5pm plus me, kia wei and alexius went off already cause we need to go fetch ah yang then after that rush down to eng piao's wedding at Nayang Coummunity Club which is located at jurong west area lah and also just opposite City Harvest Church there. so yeah. hmm. then we saw quite a lot of people there. well around 7pm we went into the hall to be sitted and all of us were waiting for other guests to be seated. then the whole thing only commenced at 8pm plus. and the whole thing also ended at around 10pm plus. so ya. lol. haha. then after that kia wei fetched me, biondi, ah yang and alexius back home le.


it was a tiring day but afterall all worthwhile cause seeing eng piao and his wife pei ling so happy together. we do feel happy for them too. so yup. haha. and i have school tomorrow again. so sian lah. how i wish i can have 1 day off also. LOL!!! which is highly impossible. so yeah. haha. lol. oh well~  too bad for me then. gonna go rest soon le. shall update photos again. haha!

went out today with kia wei~

By laughybuddha · June 26, 2010 · 0 Comments ·


well went out today with kia wei and i met him at the bus-stop near ubi there to take bus 25 to Ang Mo Kio Hub. so yeah. and we watched the movie "The Legend is Born: Ip Man". haha. and the movie was great i think. haha. finally got to know how Ip Man this legend is born. haha. well after the movie we went to makan our lunch at the foodcourt upstairs. so yeah. haha. hmm. then after that we took north east and circle line to promenade mrt station cause we wanted to go to the Parco @ Marina Bay. so yeah. haha. but in the end its just inside the Millinieum Walk only. so ya. o.O  haha. then after that we walked to Marina Square and Suntec City. went there to play arcade and to catch soft toys. LOL!  well kia wei managed to catch 2 for me. =)  one is Pink Panther and the other one is Minnie Mouse!  haha. thanks kia wei!  =)   really love them a lot. haha. well around 6pm plus walk over to Shaw Tower the Ah Yat Seafood Restaurant there to wait for his brother, his brother's girlfriend and his father. so yeah. and we had a nice dinner there. hmm. then after dinner we walked around Shaw Tower as well as Suntec City before heading home. so yup. and they droved me back home first. so yeah. hmm. thanks kia wei dear for catching those soft toys for me!~  WEE!!!  =)

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